Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our NEW Foster kittens

Yesterday I was invited to take photos of some older kittens rescued from a kill shelter in L.A. by our local Cats Cradle Animal Rescue.

While I jump at the chance to photograph kitties and pet them, I have also become a sucker for fostering them. Above is Petee and Sasha is below. When I saw each of them, I knew I had to take them home!

Petee is the most handsome, splotchy, polydactyl kitten I have ever seen. He is a complete love duck and spent 5 hours snuggled up to my son and I tonight.

Sasha, the gorgeous white bounding kitten, looks almost exactly like my beautiful 18 yr old Sasha we lost 2 years ago. I worried how my children would react to having a very similar kitten to their beloved Sasha, but we have all been enjoying her company.

Our resident three cats, however, are enjoying them less than the humans. Our oldest, a long haired ginger, doesn't really care much. He has been nose to nose with each and seems to know they are not a threat.

Our Siamese boy, on the other hand, has his nose bent a bit out of joint. He'll hiss and complain for another day or so and then be cuddling up to one or both of them for naps.

Finally, our 1 year old Princess is none too happy at all. She is so distraught, she even waltzed up to Petee sleeping on my lap tonight and took a swat, while hissing at him. I feel for our poor Princess....she has just settled in to her reign and this is the third set of fosters I've brought home.

We'll see if both of these babies go back......ha, I say this every time! Tomorrow, I will be back to artwork!

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  1. they are soooooo cute! hope they all get along well after a few days. =)


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