Friday, October 7, 2011

Believe in pointsettias

I have discovered a new use for a flower image on my Close To My Heart Art Philosophy cartridge.....poinsettias.

I started with one of our new card boxes and covered it with patterned paper from, Believe. I added some of our new gingham ribbon from the Red assortment.

Then I set out to decorate with a poinsettia.....which I love because of there colours and joyfullness. This image is the second to last image on the second row of buttons...flower7. I cut 4 different sizes: 3 3/4; 3 1/4; 2 3/4; and 2 1/4. Then I used my stylus and drew leaf spines the backside of each petal. Then I turned the flower over and bent each petal on the centre line.

After bending each petal on the centre line, I used our sanding block to expose the other spine lines I had drawn on the back side. I used a sponge to apply Topiary ink to the edges and lightly on the spine marks. I used our glue pen to draw a thin bead of glue on each petal edge. Once it was tacky I rubbed our Prisma glitter on for the bling.

Here is what the front of my box looks like decorated.

For the berry like middle of the poinsettias, I simply tor a 1/4" piece of cardstock in white, then soaked the edge in Topiary ink. I applied glue pen to the top and added Prisma glitter once tacky. I put a small pool of Liquid Glass in the middle of the stuck together flowers, then held the berries in place until the LG was set.

Here is a second pointsettia in Holiday Red. I also slightly bent each petal towards the middle, just by pressing my thumb nail in between each towards the middle of the petals.

All supplies are Close To My Heart.
Paper: Believe
Tools: Art Philosophy; stylus
Cardstock: White Daisy; Holiday Red
Ink: topiary
Other: Liquid Glass; Prisma Glitter; Glue pen; Red ribbon Assortment; Card Box

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