Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Wishes

Happy Father's Day!
This is a recent picture of my AMAZING husband, Randy and our three children, along with my dear Aunt Marion!

This is a picture of my Dad and Mom from the 50's. I think it is my Mom's high school graduation. I cherish these old photos, as both my parents have gone on to heavenly lives.

I hope all of the Fathers out in blog land have a wonderful day!


  1. Nancy,
    What a lovely family! I can see a resemblance in you of your Mom - she was quite a beauty! AND don't you love that dress?!?! Happy Father's Day to Randy!

  2. I love these old photos. Your mom's dress is simply beautiful. Do you know what colour it was? My favourite thing to do with my mom is go through old photo albums and have her tell me about the pictures. I said these were all mine when she was finished with them!!!


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