Thursday, June 21, 2012

A scrapbook layout......?

......And now for something completely different........
With my upcoming trip to Dallas, for Close To My Heart's annual convention, we each received the opportunity to create 5 layouts with our online scrapbooking software, Studio J. This is my first layout.

This was my first time creating an online layout. I LOVE the tactile paper layouts, but I realized this might be a great way to get my thousands of pictures in layouts, then I could embellish them when they were printed and at my door.

My first layout is in memory of my Dad. He had such a zest for life and was a big kid at heart. I think you'll see the pictures I used in my layouts are not such great pictures.....but they hold so many memories, I didn't care if they were out of focus. They still hold the same meaning to I hope you can still apprecaite them with me.

I chose a "Members Only" layout, Snapshot and Majestic Blue papers. I had some challenges and a steep learning curve for this first layout. Thankfully, my Dad would have like a simple layout and the metal embellishments I added. I should have added more metal, as he was a sheet metal guy and gas fitter, but I didn't want to go crazy. The crazy came in my other layouts.

All supplies are Close To My Heart, created with Studio J software.

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