Monday, June 25, 2012

When I was little.......

Okay, so when I was little, my Dad constantly have a camera shoved in everyone's face! I suppose it didn't hurt that I was his only girl and the baby of the family.

This layout was a bit more challenging for me, because it was about "ME"! So, I did the lazy thing and just put the year for journaling. Unfortunately, both of my parents have passed, so I can't even ask when these pictures were taken.

I used the Members Only paper kit, Love Bird and the layout is called, "Photoholic".

I can tell you the photos on the bottom were the biggest challenge. My Mom had taken each of us kids for studio photographs. In those days the only way you got prints was paying for them. So a number was written on each proof...these are the proofs. I tried to creatively cover up the numbers and we'll see how that really turned out when I get the prints.

I can tell you a wee bit of information about the large photo and the 3 smaller ones with just me in them. I was over the age of 2 years because from birth until I was two, I was casted from the armpits to my toes. I was born with congenital hip and didn't learn to walk until I was two. We have some amazing home videos of me crawling in this cast, as well as, my brothers putting me in this spinning  chair we had and spinning me endlessly. The other picture is probably in the seventies with my four brothers.

Ha, one last thing to point out....if you go back to the layout of my Dad and compare his face to mine in the large photo of me.......I'm the spitting image. I wish I had a picture of my Grandmother, my Dad's Mom, because everyone would say, "Oh, this must be Pearl's Granddaughter!" So, clearly the "Ball" bloodline was very prevalent in my looks.

All supplies are Studio J by Close To My Heart.

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  1. I'm so envious that you have such cool photos of when you were little! Great way to preserve them.


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