Monday, July 30, 2012

H2H Scrap Challenge!

The H2H Challenge this week is a "scrap" challenge!

I just arrived home from convention/vacation on Friday.....and boy, did I have a lot of scraps/mess still on my work table, from last minute tasks before I left!

This card came together fairly fast, compared to some I attempt with little time.These Florentine scraps; Creme Brulee, Brown Bag, and Garden Green cardstock; and Colonial White shape cut with Art Philosophy were all in a pile......almost waiting for this challenge! I cut Twilight and Desert Sand for background mats and stamped the Desert Sand one with images from the Pemberley WOTG kit stamp.

The sentiment is stamped in Twilight ink from The Best Things stamp set. I also used the big flourish from that set, to stamp the Garden Green cardstock with Twilight ink. I cut the bird from Florentine patterned paper and leaves from Brown Bag cardstock, with Art Philosophy. (I have Artiste, but haven't plugged it in yet!)

The bird's wing is twill ribbon threaded through a ribbon slide, from the Pewter Mini-Medley pack. I added a brad and corner embellishments from the same package. I added one tiny sparkle for the bird's eye! All edges were sponged with Desert Sand ink.

Create your own artwork and post it to the H2H Challenge blog. CTMH products must be included in any artwork submitted for the challenge, but it does not have to be 100% CTMH. If other products are used, a description or list of what was used would be appreciated.

All supplies are Close To My Heart.
Stamps: The Best Things; Pemberly WOTG
Paper: Florentine
Cardstock: Paper Bag; Desert Sand; Twilight; Creme Brulee; Colonial White; Garden Green
Ink: Desert Sand; Twilight
Embellishments: Pewter Mini Medley; Twill Ribbon; Blue Sparkle
Tools: Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Simple Memories......back to artwork!

I just arrived home, on Friday, from Close To My Heart's annual convention in Dallas, TX and 2 weeks of vacation. I wanted to show you some cards I didn't have a chance to post, before I left.

This is a version of the card I swapped at convention. My convention swap card had different combinations of patterned paper and a stamped shrinky dink in the middle of the stamped circle. This is the original card, made with my Hostess Club, that sparked my convention card.

I stamped the lace doily in Cotton Candy ink on a Colonial White circle, cut with CTMH's Art Philosophy cartridge. The mat is in Hollyhock cardstock. The polka dot patterned paper is from retired Sweetheart paper pack. The other pink is from Lucy. I used Grey Wool cardstock for the mat on the Colonial White card base. The sentiment from, Say It In Style, is stamped on Grey Flannel cardstock.

All supplies are Close To My Heart.
Stamps: Simple Memories; Say It In Style
Paper: Lucy; Sweetheart
Cardstock: Grey Wool; Grey Flannel; Hollyhock; Colonial White
Ink: Cotton Candy; Black
Embellishments: Stardust Glitz
Tools: Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge

Artiste.....CTMH's newest Cricut cartridge! is some of the best news from Close To My Heart's annual convention in Dallas, TX!

We have an amazing NEW Cricut cartridge called, Artiste!

This is not just any ordinary has over 700 images and comes with a second booklet showing you how to assembly some of the amazing new cuts.

You can get yours on August 1st from my website or contact me directly, to order.

Stay tuned and I will be showing you some of the amazing things you can make with this cartridge.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Shake your tail feather.......

We are heading home today, back to our wonderful island and city of Victoria. While I love to be on vacation, I have been away for almost 3 weeks and am ready to sleep in my own bed and shower in my own bathroom!

So, I am shakin' my (well, actually a peacock's) tail feathers to wave goodbye to wonderful Washington and Oregon........until we meet again!

These photos were taken in Bandon, Oregon at West Coast Game Park Safari.
I suggest a visit if you are ever travelling the US 101.
It is well worth it......this is our second visit in 2 years.

I've got my feather eyes on you.........back to paper crafts very soon!

I will be showing you some things I made before I left for CTMH's convention in Dallas, while I create some artwork with my new goodies that have arrived in my abscence.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A beautiful ending.....

Well, here is how my evening of shopping in Lincoln City, Oregon ended last night.

I enjoyed a glass of wine with this view, from my 2nd floor deck, at the Silver Surf Motel in Yachats, Oregon. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

How mornings should look!

This was my lazy morning yesterday. Looking at the Pacific Ocean lapping on the sand from my balcony at the Silver Surf in Yachats, Oregon.

I am finished my coffee and we are getting ready to head North on Hwy 101, the coastal highway, to Lincoln City to do some more shopping. We will visit the Tangers Outlet mall and stop for dinner at Izzy's in Newport.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Check out these Cats...

We visited the Wild Safari Park in Bandon, Oregon yesterday. We were fortunate to be able to pet several baby animals, including this bobcat.

This big cat's enclosure fortunately had a hole cut in the fence for my big zoom lens. I was able to get this picture without chain link fence present.

Finally, behold this beauty. She posed beautifully for me for a very long time. I guess being in a small enclosure would be pretty boring, thus the constant lounging around.

I figured these pictures would be somethin' a little different from the Chihuly glass.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Chandeleir by Chihuly

Here is another amazing glass creation by Chihuly, at the Seattle Center.
This one was kind of cool weird....the shapes, to me, defy possibility. Like blowing up a balloon more and more, hoping it won't burst.

Here is a close up of the glass. What amazing detail....just crazy to think how all of these pieces were created and put together into to this one piece.

I will have more Chihuly to show you soon. I also have some great pictures from our Oregon coast vacation we are currently on.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rock Candy

This is another shot I took at the Chihuly exhibit in Seattle. The glass made me want to run out and buy some rock candy. It was really amazing how things were set up for you to get these amazing shots if you were looking for them.

Since I am on vacation in Oregon until the end of the month, I will be posting pictures from my trip.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More Chihuly to behold.

This gigantic glass structure is another Chihuly piece in Seattle. It is funny, while blue is not one of my favourite colours.....I do love and am inspired by the ocean. This is an amazing example of that inspiration. Upon closer viewing, you can see all of the sea life in glass added to the clear and different blue shades of glass.

Here is a close up view of the sea life amongst this piece. The detail was AMAZING. My photo may not show it, but you could see and count every bump on those sea stars and urchins!

I'll say it again, if you ever have an opportunity to visit a Chihuly glass exhibit.....don't! You won't regret it!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How would you like a FREE bag with your kit?

I am heading out of Dallas, TX this morning and meeting up with my family in Oregon for our family vacation. Before I go, I wanted to share this amazing offer with you!

Now, I know you have often thought what it would be like to become a Close To My Heart Consultant. To enjoy receiving a commission on your own scrapbook/card making supplies and earn some extra money when sharing with friends. You could even have joined me in Dallas, TX and maybe we can hang out at DisneyWorld together, next year! That is where CTMH's annual convention will be held Jun 27 - 29th, 2013!

Back to business........ when you join me to become a Consultant, you can choose either of the wonderful kits shown below to get started. First, check out  this amazing bag you will receive (while supplies last), with your Consultant kit. (Each of us attending convention received this amazing you see the Owls....?)

Essentials Kit $49
(retail value $130)
Master Kit $99
This is the Master kit includes everything in the Essentials kit plus the above pictured items and a Studio J 5 pack, all for $99 (retail value $280)

Seriously, how many times have you spent $49 to get $130 worth of crafting supplies and a FREE bag? Or spent $99 to get $280 worth of supplies and a FREE bag?
This is one crazy deal available Aug 1 - 31, 2012 and I will be here to help you in any way possible.

You can log onto to my CTMH website to sign up on August 1st. Don't miss out!

I'll be back in Victoria and would love to share any/all details about this promotion and becoming a Consultant! It would be great to have you join me!

p.s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me!

Monday, July 16, 2012

H2H Sketch Challenge

This week's challenge is a sketch challenge.

Create your own artwork and post it to the H2H Challenge blog. CTMH products must be included in any artwork submitted for the challenge, but it does not have to be 100% CTMH. If other products are used, a description or list of what was used would be appreciated. Here is this week's sketch:

I created this card with Lucy patterned paper; Grey Wool; Grey Flannel; White Daisy; and Cotton Candy cardstock. the flowers are from Lucy WOTG and I inked them in Grey Wool. I also inked the large flourish from The Best Things in Cotton Candy. Then I kissed the two images together to get these beautiful flowers.

I put a glue dot in the middle of each flower, then wound Grey Wool Baker's Twine around it. I added a Cotton Candy brad and some Stardust Glitz to the brad.

You can not see it very well, but I used an image from Delightful Things on the Grey Flannel border.

All supplies are Close To My Heart.
Stamps: The Best Things; Lucy WOTG; Delightful Things
Paper: Lucy WOTG
Cardstock: Grey Wool; Grey Flannel; White Daisy; Cotton Candy
Ink: Grey Wool; Cotton Candy
Embellishments: Grey Wool Baker's Twine; Stardust Glitz
Tools: Art Philosophy

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chihuly in Seatle

I have loved Chihuly glass for years and years. Whenever there was a PBS program about Chihuly, I would watch it. I was fascinated to see the glass blowing process and the new and different ways Chihuly would create glass and paintings of the glass.

I was fortunate enough to fly out of Seattle, on the way to Close To My Heart's convention this last week. While in Seattle, my travelling companion and CTMH sister Barb and I, visited the Chihuly exhibit at the Seattle Center.

This display was AMAZING; jaw dropping; and inspiring! If I had a bucket list, this would be on it and done and done!  There were many different displays within one display. I overheard a staff member saying this was the most comprehensive collection on display.

Well, I am not concerned how comprehensive it was or wasn' was STUNNING! Here is a picture I took from the inside of the atrium with the Seattle Space Needle. Stay tuned for more pictures of this amazing exhibit.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Convention Co-horts

Well, the big day has arrived....well in just under 12 hours Victoria time or 10 hours Dallas time! Here are last night's pictures of my TWEEKER Sisters, that I am staying with for convention.

This chatty gal, is Jennifer, from Ontario.

This cheesy smiler, is Jackie, from Edmonton, BC.

And this lovely gal, is Barb, from Abbotsford, BC

These were taken at the bar in the hotel. We stopped in for a drink and dinner Tuesday night after everyone arrived at the hotel. We spent some time catching up, then went out for something to eat. We also exchanged our roommate'll have to wait a while until I can get pictures of us tomorrow and post them.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dallas, here I am...

Well, after an early morning ferry ride on Sunday, I arrived to a clearly Canadian comrade at the terminal! We hopped in her car and headed for the border. Shortly thereafter, we were in Bellingham, Washington, ready to commence shopping!

Well, I am a champion shopper, if I do say so myself. My husband held back some cash, before I left, so there would be some left when I meet them back in Seattle in a week. Probably a good thing....2 days of shopping and now I must stop so I can eat while in Dallas.

On Monday, we went to the Chihuly glass exhibit in downtown Seattle. If I had a bucket list, I've crossed something off of it. What a stunning and amazing exhibit. I will forever be changed by the beauty that was displayed...I will have some pictures once I'm settled.

So at 10pm, we started our journey to the Seattle airport for our midnight flight to Houston, to connect to Dallas. For a moment, I thought I was moving through line ups at Disneyland....but no enjoyable Disney characters ever arrived, nor were there any fun rides at the end of the line up...just another line up!

It is funny, while self checking in we were offered $250 to take a later flight......wish we had done that, as we only paid $287 for our flight....and come to find out it was over booked and cancelled! Seems severe thunderstorms were rolling around Houston and our flight had been cancelled. We  were to fly out at midnight, but had been rebooked for 2am.

So, we found a seat and waited it out. Finally boarded our flight. I forgot I like to sit on the wing in a window seat. Barb, my travel companion, took the aisle seat. So, we had someone that would make our sandwich....who do you think it would be????? As people walked on the plane, the anticipation was tense. Lucky for us, it was a handsome young man in shorts and t-shirt with nice arms who completed our sandwich. I suggested to him we were pleased he made a cute addition to our sandwich! Too bad for him, he had wicked allergies and after popping several pills before take off....snotted the entire flight. Even while he slept..he snotted. There were several kids on the flight and they quietly existed until just before we arrived, a wee baby let her presence known.

Now I don't know about you, but after little sleep and a sitting/sleeping in a cramped seat for 3 feet were swollen and really sore. We had to dash off of the airplane; figure out what gate to run to, to get our connecting flight that was not what we had originally booked due to storms the night before. We got to our gate and immediately boarded. Well, we walked on the tarmac to board and HOLY HUMIDITY....we were blasted!

The plane was a little puddle jumper that would normally fly across the ocean between Victoria and Vancouver. I was seated next to a semi-cowboy. I call him a semi-cowboy because he did not have a cowboy hat nor boots.....but he did sport a crisp white western shirt and jeans. We finally took off after United had to unfuel the plane....yes, they removed fuel from our airplane. That freaked me out...would they remove too much? Seems they had been refueled the night before for a different flight that was cancelled. So after defueling, we still weren't moving. Seemed there now was not enough weight in the a man or two were asked to move to the back and sand bags were added! Take off finally arrived.

Take $25 town carride  to car rental....wah wah wah...companion traveller had booked for Monday pick up, so no cars available today!!!!! Another $10 ride to hotel, then check in.

WOW, what a hotel!!! This place is insanely HUGE...MAMMOTH! There are wonderful Asian influences everywhere. Our room is gorgeous.....get set up. Then we move down to the atrium coffee shop for some coffee and food to start searching for reasonably priced car rentals. We find one and viola, it is booked and Barb is on her way to the airport to pick it up.

We will be joined by Jennifer at about 6:30pm and will pick up Jackie at 7:45pm. We have one more day before convention starts on Thursday. Shopping is in the plans for tomorrow. Oh and seems more severe thunderstorms for tonight.

So, we plan to have a relaxing day and see what tomorrow will bring!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Convention bound.....

Well, I am beginning my trip to Close To My Heart's 2012 Convention, in Dallas, TX, today.

I'm being picked up by another Consultant  at the ferry terminal in Tsawwassen, then we are going to shop our way from Bellingham, WA to Seattle. We will stay overnight in Seattle, then on Monday visit the Chihuly glass exhibit downtown; Pike St Market; and see the ginormous ferris wheel.

At midnight, we fly out to Dallas, TX. We will meet up with 2 other Consultants, to enjoy convention together. Once convention is over, and I'm back in family is meeting me there, then we will carry on to the Oregon Coast.

I have run out of time to get posts ready in advance. So, my apologies if I'm not able to get any posts up while I am gone. I do have an awful lot to show you.....but, if it has to, it can wait until I return.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Humble Artist's Swap June 2012

It is time again to reveal the card I created for the Humble Artist's Swap I Hostess. Here were June's guidelines:
-Must have minimum 8 layers stacked
-Do not use patterned paper
-Do not use any neutral cardstock (except for base)
-Do not use non paper embellishments such as ribbon; brads; twine or hemp
-Do not use stamp sets with “Border” or “Background” in their name
-Use at least 6 different stamped images
-Create paper embellishment that can count for at least and is 2 layers
-Card must be at least 4 ¼ x 5 ½

I  used 5 stamp sets to accomplish this card. The image stamped as a background on the Creme Brulee base is from Love Life . Next layer is Hollyhock cardstock, stamped with the large flourish from, The Best Things. The Sorbet layer is stamped with a background image from, April's stamp of the month, You Are. I didn't use stamp sets with the word "background" in them, but I did use background stamps.....sneaky huh!

The flower is 5 layers starting with Tulip; Sorbet; Smoothie; Cotton Candy; finally Creme Brulee. The bottom 4 flowers alternate with stamping from Simple Memories and Love Life. The top flower is stamped with the Lucy Workshop On The Go Kit stamp set. I cut a small circle from Sorbet cardstock for the flower centre, then added Stardust Glitz.

The sentiment is from the Lucy WOTG Kit stamp set, as well as, the tiny flower I stamped and embossed in clear embossing powder. The embossed image is on the Creme Brulee background layer; the sentiment layer and the top flower layer. I sliced the Sorbet layer and threaded Blush cardstock through, to appear as ribbon.

No neutrals; no stamp sets with the word "background" or "border" in them; and no patterned paper! Mission accomplished!

All supplies are Close To My Heart.
Stamps: The Best Things; Lucy WOTG; You Are - Apr SOTM; Love Life; Simple Memories
Cardstock: Colonial White; Creme Brulee; Hollyhock; Sorbet; Blush; Tulip; Smoothie; Cotton Candy
Ink: Creme Brulee; Hollyhock; Sorbet; Blush; Tulip; Smoothie; Cotton Candy; Versamark
Embellishments: Stardust Glitz
Tools: Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Perfect Day

Once I inked up one image in stamp set, Perfect Day, I had to ink them all up. This one I paired with Florentine paper.

I stamped the main image with Garden Green ink and inked the bird in Desert Sand. The cardstock accents are Brown Bag scalloped; Cocoa and Garden Green. I tied the border up with White Hemp.

All supplies are Close To My Heart.
Paper: Florentine
Stamp: Perfect Day
Cardstock: Colonial White; Brown Bag; Garden Green; Cocoa
Ink: Garden Green; Desert Sand
Embellishments: White Hemp

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Florentine Sympathy Card

Thankfully, I have not had to make lots of Sympathy cards or keep them on when I rec'd an email that my SIL's Mother passed away, I put this together.

I used Florentine paper for the large background and border. The Garden Green cardstock is stamped with an image from Diverse Backgrounds. The sentiment is from 4 My Friend and is stamped in Cocoa on Colonial White.

All supplies are Close To My Heart.
Stamps: 4 My Friend; Diverse Backgrounds
Paper: Florentine
Ink: Cocoa; Garden Green
Cardstock: Cocoa; Twilight; Colonial White; Creme Brulee
Embellishments: White hemp
Tools: Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge

Monday, July 2, 2012

H2H Challenge - Patriotism

I'm very excited to share my first challenge as a part of the H2H Design Team. You can play along too, by creating artwork sharing your Patriotism. Keep reading to find out how!

Create your own artwork and post it to the H2H Challenge blog. CTMH products must be included in any artwork submitted for the challenge, but it does not have to be 100% CTMH. If other products are used, a description or list of what was used would be appreciated.

On to my card.......I find we Canadians are quietly proud to be Canadians. I wanted to shout it out with this card, just how proud I am to be a Canadian! 

I started with patterned paper from Roxie. I stamped words and an image from both Celebrate Canada and Canadian Celebration sets, in Holiday Red ink. I cut maple leaves from Holiday Red cardstock with my Art Philosophy cartridge in all different sizes. I also cut an oval in White Daisy cardstock and a scalloped oval in Holiday Red. I stamped the Canadian flag image in Holiday Red, then added the words in Black ink.

My border with the shaped bottom is cut from Art Philosophy in Kraft paper and matted with White Daisy. I have lined it with Bitty Opaques for some understated bling. I stamped the leaf border with Holiday Red and added Holiday Red grosgrain ribbon on either side, as a border. I sponged Desert Sand ink on all of my borders.

Finally, there would not be anything Canadian completed without our signature "eh!". I used retired Doodle Alphabet, as the font looks as fun as we do when we use this Canadianism!

All supplies are Close To My Heart.
Stamps: Doodle Alphabet; Celebrate Canada; Canadian Celebration
Paper: Roxie
Cardstock: Holiday Red; White Daisy; Kraft
Ink: Black and Holiday Red; Desert Sand
Embellishments: Holiday Red grosgrain ribbon; Bitty Opaques
Tools: Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge

Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 1st is Canada Day!

It is Canada's birthday today and I couldn't be happier to be a Canadian!
Happy Canada Day to all of my Canadian friends and family!